Honorary Fellow

Professor Tracey Green has 22 years Police experience as a sworn officer in the UK. Serving to the rank of Detective Inspector she has extensive experience in the areas of serious and serial criminal investigation, in particular homicide, drug and police corruption.

Tracey is a strong advocate of policing as a profession and has developed a history of collaboration with police and law enforcement agencies ensuring that educational and research opportunities are relevant and aligned to policing. She has been instrumental in the development of post graduate courses in the areas of Investigation, Intelligence, Terrorism and Police Leadership all of which involve research by the practitioner into their own area of professional expertise.

In her position of Associate Dean (Policing and International) Professor Green has overall responsibility for the School of Policing Studies which is located within the NSW Police College at Goulburn, and the Australian Graduate School of Policing which is co located with the Australian Institute of Police Management at Manly.